Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quick Update!

Lots happening at the house today!  Our sidewalk was poured yesterday.  It looks great!  Our granite has been installed also.  All of the toilets and plumbing fixtures are in as well as the laundry tub!  Looks like we had our first cleaning today also!  Everything is so shiny!!  Now can't get through the day without one ooops, right?  Well, they started staining our banister..however, it looks like they dropped the can of stain down the stairs because it literally looks like a blood bath going down our stairs as well as our walls....yikes!!  Needless to say they ran out of stain so only the top part of the banister got stained.

                                                                                  Powder Room
                                                               Getting ready to pour our driveway!

                                                              Cleaned shower (still waiting for doors)

                                                                              Soaking tub fixtures

                                                  View of pond and farm from one of the bedrooms

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  1. Loving it, more and more like a home everyday...... you have the BEST dirt, so all the neighbors say...the professional grounds keeper up here tells us we got really good top soil...whadda I know..LOL

    Hey Im checking out my TREE blowing in the window outside my window...hehehehe...a TREE how about that shiznit??