Sunday, June 30, 2013

Closing tomorrow!

We are closing on our house tomorrow morning!!!  This entire process has been great and the time flew by!  One thing I wanted to mention regarding NVR and their GFE/HUD statements.....We received our final HUD last week and they had underestimated our closing costs by almost $2,000.. grrr When we initially signed our loan paperwork our LO reassured us that they always overestimate the closing costs.  Well this proved to be untrue in our situation.  Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that their estimate by be off when they get ready to close.

I will post again with pics once we move in and get settled.  I have been trying to post pics from final walkthrough but the movers somehow messed up our WIFI in our current place and our email hasn't been working so I can't email the pictures over to the computer from my phone.


  1. Hey, any pics yet? haha Actually I'd love to see pics but I also wanted to know if you could be at all specific on what the $2,000 surprise came from? We are very close now so I'm getting jumpy wondering if our closing costs will stick to what they estimated.

  2. Hey!! Haha!! I do have pics- but I have to upload them... Ill try and post some this week! The $2,000 came from transfer tax (they never updated our transfer tax to reflect final purchase price and the other was taxes- the main issue was that nothing was ever updated to reflect that final purchase price, u know?! I try to keep an eye on your posts! Just never have time to really get involved and post! Your house is looking good! It won't be long now!!! I hope you don't have any surprises like us.