Friday, June 14, 2013

Getting close!

Things continue to progress on the new house!  Today the cleaning crew was back cleaning the house!!  The plumber was there installing our garbage disposal, kitchen sink fixtures and dishwasher!  Looks like the second coat of paint is on also. Hubby bought our fridge yesterday!  That is one major purchase out of the way.  They still need to landscape, paint front of house, fix drywall and a few other things.  Final walkthrough is scheduled on July 24th...I'm confident they will have everything completed.  I took a ton of pics today..they had all of the floor coverings up so they could clean! Granite is also exposed now!  Pictures are in random order!


  1. ahh Missy how beautiful!! So cool to see it all uncovered! You have an awesome home :) Love the large planks.

    1. Thanks Dana! The only thing I'm not liking is the height of the fan over the stove? It's right at eye level. I need to ask L to put a shorter cabinet in or I'm not going to be able to see what I'm cooking! The rest of the house looks great. They fixed the holes yesterday that were in the drywall.

  2. Get on L. He has had a vaca..LOL

    He gets a text from me on Monday..hehehehehe.

    If he says NO, ask again!!