Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stone progress

They are making a lot of headway with the stone work!  They were applying mortar on the stone this afternoon!!  Looks like the only thing left to do is the porch columns.  Driveway is supposed to be paved tomorrow and landscaping will begin next week sometime (bye bye gravel parking lot in front yard! lol)   The plumbers and electricians will also be by next week to hang the chandelier, install sink fixtures, etc.  Our appliances were also delivered today.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The stone work has finally started!!  It's very exciting and we love how it looks!  It will be completed by Saturday at the latest.  They also installed the kitchen and bathroom vanity hardware today.  All of the doors have been hung and it looks like all trim work has been completed.  We noticed yesterday that part of the mirror in the master bathroom covered part of the outlet.  Why did they bother hanging the mirror???? Now they have to take the mirror down and the electrician needs to come back out to move the outlet....seech.  They make more work for themselves! Our kitchen granite won't be ready until the first or second week in June.  They measured last Friday. Here are the pictures from today's random order!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hardwood is in!

The flooring company came to the house yesterday to install our hardwood floors!  We are very happy with them!  They were still working hard when we stopped by at 7 pm so we didn't get any pics of the finished look.  For those who are interested we chose Bruce's Frontier Collection in Hickory Golden Brown. It is an engineered hardwood (hand scraped). We chose hardwood for the entire first floor.  Oh, and the stone guys failed to show up again yesterday.

                                                        Our stone (Bucks County Ledgestone)  

Friday, May 24, 2013

More progress!

Stopped by the house today and took some pictures of the progress!  All of the cabinets were in, including the island!  The fireplace mantel was in place, as well as baseboards and the trim around the doors.  One interesting thing we noticed was that we have window sills! The model doesn't have window sills but our PM told us that the model is an older model.  My cats will be thrilled to have window sills!  The vinyl was installed in the laundry room and they finished the tile in the master bathroom.  It all looks great!  The hardwood will begin tomorrow.  Now- for the stone....they came and delivered the scaffolding and some tools but took off after that????  What the heck???  Our PM is on it.   Now....for the pictures!

                                                      Back side of kitchen (microwave and fridge)

                                                    Family Room (slate fireplace)

                                                 Wyoming Cherry Spice Cabinets

                                                          Laundry Room vinyl (Initiator 66178)

                                                                   Listello in master bath (Marazzi Walnut)

                                                           Master Bathroom (Fidenza Cafe tile)

                                                           Window sill!!!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

kitchen, tile and trim!

We finally saw some progress today!  They started installing the kitchen cabinets (haven't seen our granite yet) and they also put up the doors and trim downstairs!  Upstairs the flooring guys were busy laying the tile in the master bathroom and hall bath.  Stonework still hasn't started....that has been a huge delay.  Apparently they are coming tomorrow.....I'll believe it when I see it!  Here are some pictures we took.

                                                                   Basement Door

                                                                  Kitchen (obviously!)

                                                                 Hallway bathroom tile

                                                       Master bathroom tile and waterproofing

                                            Close up of tile in master bathroom

                                                   Pantry doors!  (laundry room to left)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Drywall Complete!

There hasn't been much to update on the past several days.  I didn't realize that hanging drywall was such a long process!  The drywall guys finished up their sanding yesterday!!  Tomorrow they are going to paint and start the stonework outside, Tuesday the kitchen is going to be installed and the flooring will be in by the end of the week!  I snapped a few pictures yesterday....

                                                            family room

                                                               son's bedroom

                                                                  daughter's bedroom

                                                              master bedroom

                                                         master bedroom

                                                                  master bedroom (sitting area)

                                                        morning room

                                                           spare bedroom

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Special Delivery!

Our kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, sinks and doors were delivered on Friday!  We are still waiting for our stone to arrive....our garage is full of goodies!  Yesterday when we went to visit the house there was someone there  mudding the drywall.  Once that is dry and sanded they will paint (probably mid week).  Then they will put the cabinets and floor in!  Everything is going smoothly!  Oh, and we got confirmation of our closing date....July 1st at 8:00 am!! Our final walkthrough is on June 24th!! WOOHOO!!!!