Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More pics

Here are some pics of the dining room!  It took us a good while to find furniture that we liked. We were actually going to wait on dining room furniture for awhile but we came across this set at Levin's!  Its from their new Amish Collection.  We just got the curtains hung the other day.  I really wanted silk curtains but they are soooo expensive!  My hubby found these online and they are perfect!  Not sure if we will get an area rug for under the table or not in the future.  We also need some pictures/wall hangings.  Here's the room so far!


  1. I see after you put the little ones to bed you took some pics!! LOL

    Very very nice! I forgot how much I love your hardwood's funny though how hubby does online shopping for curtains!

    1. Lol!! Thank you!! I actually took those a few days ago! Just never posted!

  2. I LOVE that dining room table and chairs. That's on our to do list for a little further down the road but I really like that style. Is that a fabric on the chairs? My children are disasters to dining room chairs so I was planning to go all wood or some type of leather/pleather seat cover I can wipe off easily.

  3. Thanks! Yes, it's a fabric on the chairs. It's almost like a suede I guess. As you can see- my one cat loves sleeping on those chairs- I have to vaccuum the chairs all the time! Mine are hard on chairs too- but I can put a towel down when we eat in there. We only use the morning room to eat. I still have to get a table pad before we use it.